Receiving Niche Site Ideas From The Wall Street Journal

09 Jul

Getting niche products for promoting or creating sites around is the biggest issues facing website creators and affiliates. It is basically the writing equivalent of white page. Each day we are attacked with ideas and ads all around us however many people lack the concentration for picking the topic out every-day & also creating something special as well as financially rewarding.

The perfect source many people overlook is basically the daily newspaper or particularly the Wall Street Journal. Many times a week the Journal posted articles which cover a great range of topics for personal interest. These sorts of articles generally appear in the personal journal section. This particular approach solves the issue of what need to write about & offers you a head start on creating and research the niche web-site.

Indeed of spending hours performing keyword research & trying to search ideas as well as topics. The format is actually similar a definition of the subject generally consists of short history that is followed by descriptions mixed in with quotes or interviews from people basically involved in the subject matter. An inset to the article generally consist of a breakdown of the top websites/ or resources for finding appropriate information.

In the personal shipping example the topmost 5 dept stores providing personal shopping are critiqued and reviewed. The managing money article lists the top eight new services providing methods for managing the money online & with the mobile phone. Let’s have a look at how we could collect this information in a useful niche site. Create the review web-site beginning with the top-most 5 supplied by article. Research the topic perfectly and develop the listing of top 20 or top 10.

Visit every site & examine the contents write the review of every site that list cons and pros of every web-site. Write various articles about the subject. In case of organizing various articles several sites reviewed proffer affiliate programs that makes it an outstanding choice for developing a site on. The special shopping story whilst interesting doesn’t proffer the better opportunity to lack the affiliate programs however does have quite some ad sense ads running that is also a revenue chance.

Do some keyword research for looking additional related topics & for getting the idea of the various searches performed. Visit the commission junction for looking the related affiliate programs to integrate in the web-site. Look at adword for seeing how much the keywords paid per click. From nothing to a potentially superior quality ten to fifteen page niche site full of appropriate information offering helpful reviews to folks need information on the offered subject.

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